LifeCycle Benefits is an LTC Advisory Firm focused on partnering with Brokers, Consultants and Employers to deliver comprehensive Long Term Care Programs to Employees via the Worksite Benefit Offering.


“The Sandwich Generation”: A generation of people who care for their aging parents/grandparents while supporting their own children.

This issue is so significant, that July is now the official “Sandwich Generation Awareness Month”

What does that mean for you as an Employer or Advisor?

  • $34 billion a year are lost in employee productivity because of elder care responsibilities.
  • More productivity is lost from elder/parent care responsibilities than from child care.
  • The cost to industry to replace experienced workers who leave their jobs to take care of a sick loved one is more than $7 billion a year.

Our mission is to provide the Knowledge, Understanding and Results you need to close this “gap” in awareness, resources and services.

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