About Us

LifeCycle Benefits was formed to provide Employers, Employees and their Benefit Partners and Advisors with a systematic and focused approach to addressing the “Missing Links” to the Worksite Benefit Programs they offer and access, with regard to longevity issues and Long-Term Care planning. We take a customized and comprehensive approach to each unique employer environment, delivering meaningful solutions for each worksite segment and demographic.

Ruth Larkin, President

With almost 30 years in the Employee Benefit Market, Ruth Larkin has forged successful relationships and employer solutions with every market sector, and worked with virtually every product offer available. Her experience includes working in Product Development, Training and Customer Service Management, Marketing, Sales and Sales Management. From Fortune 50 employers, to upstart entrepreneurial ventures, the experienced gained is invaluable and purposeful in these changing times.

For the past 20 years, she has been an LTC industry “Pioneer”, with a leading insurance carrier, and most recently as an independent advisor, working to educate, train and guide the successful implementation of hundreds of major corporate clients. From client evaluation to plan design and pricing, to implementation, education and enrollment, Ruth Larkin has been a dedicated resource for many Employers, Brokers, Consultants and Industry Peers.

With the aging of America and the continual evolution of the industry and the solutions available, combined with her own personal experience with Alzheimer’s Disease, there has never been a better time to elevate her passionate focus on these issues and all the related challenges.

She believes “the genuine lack of understanding amongst today’s Sandwich Generation with regard to longevity planning, care options, finances, legal empowerment issues, emotional impact and viable alternatives has weakened the best laid plans for this generation and their families.” She is committed to closing this knowledge gap for her clients and their constituents.

With information comes knowledge. With knowledge comes understanding. With understanding comes right action and results. We stand ready to “serve the sandwich generation”.

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