Products and Services

We specialize in Long-Term Care related Insurance Programs for Executives and Employer Groups. Our services include the following:


A) Executive LTC Programs: We design and implement Corporate Sponsored Executive Carve-out Benefits that provide valuable asset protection, builds Executive affinity, and further differentiates your Executive Benefits Program.

B) Worksite LTC Programs: We navigate the broad array of industry options and deliver LTC Programs that enhance the Employee Benefit Program and address the need for education and clarity surrounding this misunderstood risk.


Client Needs Assessment: We employ a unique evaluation approach to determine if there is an appropriate need and “fit” for these complimentary benefit programs.

Current Program Audits: As with many programs that are more “familiar”, a periodic audit and update is necessary to longstanding LTC programs to ensure that these plans are appropriate, comprehensive and optimized by the employee population they are designed to serve.

Market Evaluation: Providing a comprehensive market evaluation and due diligence process ensures that several key factors are considered when choosing a carrier and plan. The LTC marketplace is dynamic and continually evolving, making this process essential and ongoing.

Employee Education: Education and information empower right action. This is a very critical step in the process as it ensures that each constituent moves from confusion to clarity, thus enabling them to properly plan their future accordingly.

Placement and Ongoing Management of Plans: There are many steps and phases to a successful program implementation. LifeCycle Benefits manages each milestone to ensure an efficient and effective program launch. These programs also require ongoing maintenance and management to keep them relevant and appropriate over time.

Complimentary Benefit Program Services: With the continuing challenges presented to the “sandwich generation”, there are often opportunities to provide added services that compliment a Long-Term Care or Critical Illness Program.

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